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Protect Your Children’s Rights with Child Support Law in Oklahoma City, OK

Children are the youngest victims of separation and divorce. No matter what happens between their parents, children’s needs should always come first in family-related proceedings. Making sure money is available to provide children with their essentials is a major concern of custodial parents. However, parents ordered to pay child maintenance do not always uphold their responsibilities. We will fight for you and your children with the child support law in Oklahoma City, OK.

At the law firm of Bryan W. Caddell, P.C., we focus on family law. Our legal team understands how emotions can impact all the parties involved in family-related cases, so we offer compassionate representation. If your spouse refuses to abide by the judge’s ruling on child support, we will inform the judge and return to the courtroom if necessary. We work to ensure that you receive the assistance required to house, feed, and clothe your children.

Regarding child custody, you and your spouse have joint guardianship during your marriage. However, the court may decide that your children will have a better home environment if one parent has custody. Whether you want to pursue joint or sole child custody, we aggressively fight for your parental rights.

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